MJDC Uses Drones for a New Point of View

September 20, 2017

What happens when drones become part of the dance? For Margaret Jenkins Dance Company’s latest work, Skies Calling Skies Falling, video artists David and Hi-Jin Hudge used a drone hovering 200 to 400 feet above the ground to film the dancers performing in an industrial granary. The resulting footage will be projected onto the floor and walls of the Taube Atrium Theater, creating a dystopian backdrop to the live performance.

Alex Carrington of MJDC, Photo by RJ Muna

Artistic director Margaret Jenkins says the piece is about the state of shock, and is a response to today’s “emotional, social and political times.” She says, “We ask ourselves how to navigate this quite vertiginous new reality, how to propose and create a sense of hope while continuing to resist.” It premieres October 12-14 at the newly renovated Wisley Center in San Francisco’s War Memorial Building, and will be paired with a reimagined version of Jenkins’ ever-popular Site Series (Inside Outside), which has been performed in living rooms, art galleries and wineries over the past two years.

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