More Gorgeous Gina

June 18, 2013

Our June cover dancer spent 10 years in the corps of New York City Ballet—in fact, when we assigned her cover story, we had no idea that her long-awaited promotion to soloist was in the wings. But Georgina Pazcoguin was always a star, no matter what her rank. Read about the versatile and charismatic Gina in her profile, “A Flair for the Dramatic.”


Gina was a pleasure to work with at her photo shoot. She was game for anything, sweetly self-deprecating—just a lot of fun, period. (And what a jumper!) Her partner Charles Askegard stopped by towards the end of the shoot, and was wonderfully supportive. You can get a glimpse of what happened in this behind-the-scenes video here. We had so many great images that we couldn’t fit them all in print, so we’re sharing a few outtakes here:






Dress designed by Reid Bartelme and Harriet Jung.