Benjamin Millepied Teamed Up With Some of Our Fave Dancers in a Mesmerizing Video for Rag & Bone

February 8, 2018

Benjamin Millepied
is dipping his toes into New York Fashion Week—sort of. The artistic director of L.A. Dance Project recently worked with fashion brand Rag & Bone to create a dance-focused short film that replaced the brand’s traditional runway show. “Why Can’t We Get Along” stars actors Kate Mara and Ansel Elgort, and it also includes some familiar dance faces.

Modeling Rag & Bone’s Spring 2018 collection, you’ll find eight members of American Ballet Theatre, three Hiplet dancers, three members of Bullettrun Parkour and YouTube dance star Kandi Reign. The totally trippy video also features music by Radiohead’s Thom Yorke, and begins with Kate Mara stumbling around an abandoned warehouse as the dancers move around her.

The video includes cameras swinging from pendulums and iPhone footage filmed by Elgort. According to Le Cinéma Club, the entire short was filmed in one day at Greenpoint Terminal in Brooklyn—which is pretty impressive given that there are several dance sequences throughout.

Designers joining forces with dancers for fashion week has become a trend we’re all in favor for. New York City Ballet dancers have appeared in shows for Opening Ceremony, and last season, Pam Tanowitz choreographed the presentation for TOME. As athleisure wear becomes more popular, we’re even seeing dancers as the stars of major campaigns. Emma Portner just joined Rag & Bone, the Hiplet dancers collaborated with Jonathan Simkhai and, of course, NYCB has been working with Puma for several seasons.