Slow Dancing

March 28, 2012

Super slow motion videos of dancers have been cropping up everywhere. I love this video of Staatsballett Berlin’s Marina Kanno and Giacomo Bevilaqua because it shows how controlled their upper bodies are. Even as their legs explode into outsized jumps, their torsos only shift imperceptibly. The coordination of their arms and legs, arriving in position simultaneously, is so satisfying.




There’s also something poetic about the simplicity of “Lost in Motion,” featuring National Ballet of Canada’s Guillaume Cote.




Our “25 to Watch” Courtney D. Jones is all strength and power in “Floating: Suspended in Dance.”




Of course David Michalek’s heart-stopping “Slow Dancing,” an incredible series of video portraits, has to be mentioned. While a video doesn’t replicate seeing the portraits one after another on huge screens outdoors, here’s a taste of Herman Cornejo in a tour en l’air.