10 Dancer Moods as Told Through Stock Photos

March 16, 2020

As Dance Magazine editors, we admittedly spend more time than we’d like sifting through stock photography. Some of it is good, more of it is bad and most of it is just plain awkward.

But when paired with the right caption, those shots magically transform from head-scratchers to meme-worthy images that illustrate our singular experience as dancers. You can thank the internet for this special salute to dancer moods.

Kyle Head/Unsplash

“I found a street with low traffic—and rent is free!”

Miguel Salgado/Unsplash

Living that dry-shampoo life.

Liel Anapolsky/Unsplash

“If I did it once I can do it again…”

arnie chou/Unsplash

“My standing leg looks stunning, but you’ll just have to imagine it.”

Nihal Demirci/Unsplash

Because sports psychology doesn’t practice itself

Ahmad Odeh/Unsplash

“Yes, Debra, I have tried spotting the corner.”

Yitzhak Rodriguez/Unsplash

“What? You think I’m being dramatic? I’ll show you dramatic.”

JackF/Getty Images

We’ve all been that dancer in the red shirt.

Artranq/Getty Images

“Can I get an honorary doctorate for that?”

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