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How to Craft a Successful Artist Statement

Most applications—for grants, residencies, teaching jobs, even some performance gigs—ask choreographers for an artist statement. But as common as it is, this kind of writing can feel frustratingly difficult to get right. At its core, an artist statement offers a short description of what your work is, what it looks like and how it functions […]

From Costume Design to Choreography, Stephen Galloway Sees Infinite Possibilities

Most people in the ballet world know the iconic green, pancake-flat tutus of William Forsythe’s The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude (1996). But they might not know that it was principal dancer Stephen Galloway who designed them. For much of his career at Ballett Frankfurt, he was also the company’s head costume designer and style coordinator. Galloway—whose grandmother […]

What Does It Take to Create a Healthy Working Environment for Dancers?

If you’re an early-career choreographer, your needs are likely many and your resources few. There’s rehearsal space to rent, dancers to gather, schedules to align—and that’s not including the all-important creative labor of making the dance itself. But setting up a supportive working environment where dancers feel safe is a piece of the puzzle that […]

So You Got a Commission. Here's How to Make the Time Count

Getting commissioned to create a brand-new piece sounds like a dream to most freelance choreographers. You get to work with talented dancers, in studio space you don’t have to reserve yourself, sometimes with carte blanche regarding choreographic themes, music and even cast size. But, at least in concert dance, these gigs typically operate on a […]

Applying for a Residency? Follow These 4 Tips

An artistic residency sounds like a dream: You get concentrated time and space to work on your choreography, often with artists of other disciplines to serve as collaborators or encourage new modes of thinking, usually within an idyllic and distraction-free setting. It’s no surprise, then, that the application process can be competitive and daunting. Do […]

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Best Practices for Choreographic Collaboration

Though choreography might seem, at first glance, like a dictatorship, it operates more like a team than some might realize. “Choreography is a collaborative thing, whether you’re a dancer, the choreographer, a designer, the composer,” says Remi Wörtmeyer, who recently choreographed a piece for Dutch National Ballet with Wubkje Kuindersma and Ernst Meisner. If you […]

Jamar Roberts’ Astonishing Dancing Is Matched By His Mesmerizing Choreography

Jamar Roberts in his solo Morani/Mungu (Black Warrior/Black God) Christopher Duggan, Courtesy New York City Center A lot of these dynamics radiate from the power and malleability of his back. “That’s where the movement starts from, the intent of it,” says fellow Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater dancer Ghrai DeVore-Stokes. “Watching him is amazing, because […]