Why Dancers Belong on the Ballot

In the winter of 2014 I was literally running through the streets of New York City to my first-ever meeting with Gale Brewer, the borough president of Manhattan. I was freaking out. I had never met with a politician before; I was running late, and I never run late; and I was lost. I came […]

3 Tips for Dancers Who Want to Explore Activism

Are you passionate about social issues, but unsure of how to incorporate them into your work? Yasemin Ozumerzifon, director of community action at Gibney in New York City, offers advice to beginners: 1. Get Specific. Gibney’s Hands Are For Holding program. Scott Shaw, Courtesy Gibney Choose a particular cause. “When we’re addressing something really large […]

Anyone Who Says Dancers Should "Stick to Dancing" Doesn't Know Their History

At a time when the political climate is increasingly divisive, it’s no wonder people want to compartmentalize. Some want their pirouettes separate from their politics, and can be quick to protest when dancers challenge that both on and off the stage. Most recently, American Ballet Theatre principal Isabella Boylston was scrutinized when she shared this […]

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