a white corset dress with a floral wreath across the chest, tall pink shoes that resemble pointe shoes

What Real Dancers Think of Balletcore

Balletcore is also a subject of passionate debate among dancers. Many cringe at simplistic representations of the tools of their trade and, especially, at the use of models who appear to lack any ballet experience. Others think it’s a harmless or even potentially beneficial sign of admiration and respect for their art form.

a male dancer wearing jean shorts, a tank top, a heeled boots, dancing on a sidewalk

How First Soloist Harper Watters Creates Community at Houston Ballet

Naturally drawn to dance from a young age, Harper Watters also sought out a sense of community throughout his training. The only boy enrolled at his local studio in New Hampshire, Watters eventually enrolled at Walnut Hill School for the Arts, which brought him to a life-changing audition for Houston Ballet’s summer intensive at the age of 15.

How to Be an Instagram Dance Goddess

Few people GET Instagram as well as Houston Ballet soloist Harper Watters—the only ballet dancer nominated in the Shorty Awards’ dance category this year. The social media maestro has built a large and dedicated following with a mix of gorgeous ballet clips, striking editorial photos, funny glimpses of his behind-the-scenes life, and (of course) his […]

Everything Harper Watters Is Reading, Watching, Listening to and Laughing at Right Now

Yes, Harper Watters has literally become famous for his intense love of Beyoncé. (And, you know, his incredible dancing, style and advocacy for the LGBTQ community.) But if you think Watters just listens to Beyoncé and watches “RuPaul’s Drag Race” all day, you’re…half wrong. His taste—true to his gregarious personality—is eclectic, thoughtful and sometimes surprising. […]

Los Angeles-Based Ballerinas, Listen Up! Lizzo Wants You

Last summer, Lizzo put out a call on Twitter asking her fans to make a ballet to her song “Truth Hurts,” and dancers everywhere responded (our favorites still might be Harper Watters and Erica Lall). But now, Lizzo has fully proven herself to be a bunhead at heart: Last night, she put out a plea […]

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