We Need to Distinguish “Trust” and “Care” in Partnering

“Trust” and “care” are two concepts that frequently come up in conversations about partnering. Yet, when asked to articulate the difference, language often falls short. On the surface, there is a tendency to believe that what we say shouldn’t matter as much as how we express care and trust through action. But time and again, […]

Sharing, Supporting, Empowering: Why Partnering Feels More Poignant Than Ever

I know many male dancers who prefer dancing solo: In a classical pas de deux, they simply “get through” the adagio section until they can showcase themselves in the virtuoso male variation. But for me, my fondest performing memories usually involve partnering. Perhaps it’s related to my struggles with male ballet steps (double tour en […]

This Acrodance Couple Redefines #PartneringGoals

If you want to take more risks in your partnering (or just love jaw-dropping dance videos), we found the perfect inspiration: Amir Guetta and Hemda Ben Zvi. This amazing duo from Israel specializes in an acrobatic circus technique called “hand to hand” blended with creative choreography and influences from martial arts, like capoeira. The result […]