What It Takes to Launch a Successful Influencer Business

Pandemic or not, Alison Stroming has been booking job after job—and she has her social media to thank. “Every job I’ve booked in quarantine has happened because someone DMed me or sent me an email saying, ‘We found you on Insta or TikTok,’ ” she says. Stroming, who started amassing her social media following while […]

5 Rules for Staying Healthy While Juggling Dance and Fitness Gigs

When Los Angeles–based dancer Amanda Tran leaves her second job as a Pilates instructor, she often feels depleted. “Giving so much emotion, physicality, happiness and energy towards clients gets super-exhausting,” she says. Tran’s days—a mix of dancing in freelance projects and teaching Pilates classes—can be so draining that she turns her evening commute into a […]

Ballet Dancers Are Stretching Their Business Muscles During COVID

Dancers are used to challenges. So, when COVID-19 forced them to wait in the wings, many quickly hatched a plan B—and several decided to launch or grow their own businesses or nonprofits. That same dedication and grace under pressure that drives their dancing careers has also made them ambitious entrepreneurs. Baking Cakes: Jordan Richardson Fry […]

Contemporary Dancer Cori Kresge Uses Dance and Poetry to Make Sense of Life

Plenty of people have described dance as “poetry in motion.” But for Cori Kresge, the relationship between poetry and dance goes deeper. When not in a pandemic, Kresge performs with a number of contemporary artists, like Rashaun Mitchell + Silas Riener, Rebecca Lazier and Xavier Cha. A former member of the Merce Cunningham Repertory Understudy […]

Yes, It's Possible to Have a Side Hustle and Excel in College

For most dancers, knowing how to hustle isn’t just a good skill to have, it’s a necessity. Today’s college students aren’t waiting until graduation to start this rise-and-grind lifestyle. Even working jobs in restaurants or retail can help dancers develop skills that they can apply to their careers. Many are opting to take on part-time […]

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