a male choreographer watching a couple dance in a ballroom

How Jack Murphy Helps Actors Move with Intention on “Bridgerton”

It’s in dancing moments like this that the protagonists of Netflix’s wildly successful Regency­ romance adaptation fall in love and find their way to happiness. The man who crafted the steps and guided the actors through them is Jack Murphy, a London-based choreographer and movement director who has worked on all three seasons of “Bridgerton”—including the highly anticipated Season 3, which premieres in two parts on May 16 and June 13—as well as the “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story” spinoff.

a woman stretching with the sky as her background, wearing blue leggings and a Peloton sports bra

Star Peloton Instructor Hannah Corbin Returns to the Audition Circuit

When Hannah Corbin first joined Peloton, the brand was little more than a startup. An Alvin Ailey–trained dancer who specialized in aerial acro­ba­tics­, Corbin performed in eclectic off-Broadway shows like Fuerza Bruta and Queen of the Night, and supplemented her performing career by teaching dance and fitness classes. A pro­ducer on a nightlife show she was doing asked her and Jess King (now a Peloton superstar) about teaching for a relatively new company that was looking for strong personalities who loved to work out and were comfortable in front of the camera.

A man wearing a white jacket and polka dot scarf sitting in a chair clapping

Iván Vargas on Creativity and Inspiration in Flamenco

Iván Vargas’ explosive energy and ability to convey the deep-rooted quejío, or cry, of the persecuted Roma people in dance has led him to perform and teach from the historic Sacromonte caves of Granada, Spain, to stages around the world. Vargas, a high-profile protagonist of pure flamenco, has also been invited to top international flamenco festivals, such as the Festival de Jerez in his native Spain and the Festival Flamenco Albuquerque.

a group of performers on stage, one in a yellow dress, the other in black with green skin, the ensemble behind them

How Corinne McFadden Herrera has Maintained Wicked‘s Choreography and Staging for 20 Years

Unlike lyrics or lines preserved in scores and scripts, a show’s movement is ephemeral, passed from body to body with every new cast. Ensuring that the choreography and staging stays true to the original is crucial to the integrity of a show. Such is the task of Wicked’s associate choreographer Corinne McFadden Herrera, who has been with the production from its inception in 2003.

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