This Professional Dancer Is Making Us Cringe So Hard, And We Love It

August 31, 2017

We could write a novel about why we hate it when untrained dancers don pointe shoes and try to break out a variation. We practically have.

But unlike those offensive ballet faux-pas, a new Instagram account run by Royal Ballet of Flanders dancer Shelby Williams has us rolling on the floor. @Biscuitballerina features Williams performing the best #badballet we’ve ever seen:

We’re in awe of how Williams—whose technique is flawless—dances with such awful form. Sure, we’re also slightly concerned about what she’s putting her body through, but it kinda seems like she’s mastered the “art” of getting halfway over her box on a sickled foot.

We’re also cracking up at how seriously she takes herself in the comments and her epic use of hashtags. (And is it just us, or do some of the commenters not realize it’s a parody account? LOL.)

Thanks, Biscuit Ballerina, for bad ballet we can actually feel good laughing at.