Tracing Movement: There's an App for That?

October 27, 2014

Technology—especially advances in smartphones and tablets—has completely changed our relationship with dance. Apps have reached beyond stretching how-tos and ballet dictionaries to become programs that allow you to play not just dancer or observer, but choreographer, too. The latest is a prototype from designer Lesia Trubat that records dancing in an unconventional way. Her pointe shoes are decked out with tech gear that trace the movement and pressure of a dancer’s footwork. It’s connected to an app that allows you to look at the recorded foot tracings, replay the dancing in real time and print out the mapping. The technology isn’t available yet, as it’s still in the design stage.

Is it as practical for dancers and choreographers as a good old video recording? Maybe not. But it sure is neat. Check out a video of it in action, here.