Watch Dance Magazine's New Web Series

May 12, 2015

Melissa Toogood during a rehearsal with Pam Tanowitz’s dancers. Photo by Jim Lafferty.


Having a dance career means devoting countless hours to your craft—think of all the classes, rehearsals, PT appointments, yoga sessions and performances. But despite the shared time commitment, no two dancers’ careers are exactly alike. That was our biggest takeaway while filming our brand-new reality web series, “Behind the Curtain.”


Each episode, we follow one dancer from the minute their alarm goes off until they’re ready to hit the sack. Peek inside your favorite dance stars’ lives: their homes, pets, breakfasts, commute, and of course, the dancing. Catch the premiere episode right here on, featuring Melissa Toogood, the former Merce Cunningham Dance Company member who might just be New York’s busiest freelancer. (And keep an eye out for a companion story about Toogood’s day in the June issue of Dance Magazine.) And make sure you tune in here for a new episode of “Behind the Curtain” every other month.