Watch One Dancer Transform into 1940s Glamour for Broadway's "Bandstand" in 54 Seconds

June 28, 2017

Broadway’s Bandstand is chock-full of 1940s glamour. The show—which recently snagged a Tony for best choreography for Andy Blankenbuehler’s swing-infused moves and depictions of soldiers post-WWII—has no shortage of charming women’s fashions from the era.

But how do you transport a cast back in time 70-plus years to create an accurate look? We went backstage with Jessica Lea Patty, who’s in the ensemble and understudies Julia, to see how she transforms into one of her characters, Flora.

Check out this exclusive video to watch her leap from 2017 to 1945, with the help of makeup, a wig and costume, in 54 seconds flat.