Wayne McGregor to Launch a New Arts Space in 2016

March 3, 2015

In the summer of 2012, droves of people flocked to London for the Olympics. But what becomes of an international sports playground once all the medals have been awarded? M
any of the facilities in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park have been repurposed for public use
—like an outdoor park, an acquatic center, tennis courts and more—essentially creating a new, hip neighborhood in east London. Next year, it will get even hipper when choreographer Wayne McGregor makes the park his home.


Studio Wayne McGregor will be built in Here East, a former media and broadcast center in the park, which is transforming into an incubator for innovation in business, technology, media and education. McGregor’s arts space, including three studios and other work spaces, will not only house himself and his company, but it will open its doors to the greater dance community. 


Surprisingly, McGregor intends to offer some studio space for free to other individuals and dance companies. Through FreeSpace, the studio will give artists chunks of space and time to research, create and rehearse work. Is there a catch? Yes, but it’s a very good one. Those receiving studio time will be asked to pay it forward by delivering programming to communities and schools in London in an effort called Free2Create.


In a recent press release, McGregor reflected on this next phase, saying “It is clear that dance, choreographic processes and creativity have a part to play in the fast-changing technological and digitally motivated landscape we find ourselves in…We are ambitious for dance and adventurous for its wider application…Studio Wayne McGregor will be a shared space for making, where artists can exchange knowledge and invent together. It will be a crucible of collaboration across disciplines and scale. It will be a base from which we can work with local communities and young people to share experiences and nurture creativity.”