When Your Teacher Has Wandering Eyes

April 24, 2017

I love my BFA program, except for one class where the teacher only has eyes for the men—and even seems to flirt with them in class. The women, myself included, get zero attention, while the guys get loads of personal feedback. I know teachers have favorites, but this seems unfair. How can I stay motivated?

—Sara, New York, NY

Dance class is not a place for flirtation, especially from teachers. I suggest you speak to the director about your concerns. Appropriate behavior between faculty and students is usually spelled out in the school’s guidelines. Meanwhile, each of you young women can set your own goals for class, such as focusing on phrasing or musicality, and being your own cheerleaders. You’ll have a better class and may even catch your teacher’s attention. Remember: Improving in dance is a personal journey. Even if the instructor isn’t doing his job, you don’t have to give up your power to stay motivated and progress.

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