7 Reasons Why Daniil Simkin's Life Is INTENSIO

July 21, 2015

Tonight marks the world premiere of Daniil Simkin’s new project INTENSIO at Jacob’s Pillow. The American Ballet Theatre superstar has assembled a top-shelf cast including Isabella Boylston, Hee Seo and James Whiteside, not to mention Ballet Jazz de Montréal’s Celine Cassone. The choreography on tap is just as stellar, with world premieres by Alexander Ekman, Jorma Elo, Annabelle Lopez Ochoa and Gregory Dolbashian.

But if you can’t make it to the Pillow, you’re certainly not out of luck. Dance Magazine went inside rehearsals for INTENSIO in the latest episode of “Behind the Curtain.” We followed Simkin from his trendy Brooklyn apartment to Manhattan’s DANY Studios for an exclusive peek at his new project.

To celebrate the premiere of INTENSIO, here are seven reasons why Simkin’s life is just as INTENSIO (Translation: intensely awesome). Check it all out in his episode here.

  1. His technique is ridiculous. Ridiculously good. Whenever I see him perform, I constantly find myself picking my jaw up off the floor. The height of his jumps. The tightness of his turns. The crispness of every moment. This episode showcases it all.
  2. His black hat. It’s part hipster, part folk-rocker, part farmer. #simkinswagger
  3. His coffee habit. Cup of Joe should get a credit in this video for the supporting role that it plays.
  4. His definition of an “office.” Since he’s part of a ballet family, he says that growing up backstage felt as normal as going to the office. I doubt that most paper pushers don’t experience one tenth of the excitement at their desks as Simkin does in the wings.
  5. His seemingly eternal passé balance. If we could only absorb his balancing powers by watching them.
  6. His connection with Cassandra Trenary in rehearsal. The pair moves like water and their eye contact gives me plenty of feels when they’re working out the new piece by Annabelle Lopez Ochoa.
  7. He’s a mama’s boy, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. Near the end of the episode, Simkin says that as one of his early teachers, his mother is still like a tutor and that he values her opinions when it comes to dance. Spoken like a true gentleman.