The Cast of Center Stage Wants to Know if You're Team Cooper or Charlie

May 3, 2018

Want to feel really old? Your fave dance crew from Center Stage has been reminding us that this week marks 18 years since the premiere of the greatest dance movie of all time. But no matter how many years have passed, it seems the cast is still divided on the whole Cooper-Charlie-Jody love triangle.


American Ballet Theatre principal Stella Abrera kicked off the #TBT with a cute premiere pic alongside former ABT soloist and husband Sascha Radetsky. While Abrera doesn’t actually make an appearance in the movie, Radetsky was one of the stars as Charlie, the American Ballet Academy student with a heart of gold.


After seeing Abrera’s #TeamCharlie post, fellow ABT principal and Abrera’s BFF Gillian Murphy posted her own premiere pic with a #TeamCooper. While Murphy makes a brief appearance in the movie, her husband and former ABT principal Ethan Stiefel starred as everyone’s favorite bad boy dancer-choreographer Cooper Nielson.

Jody Sawyer Weighs In

Without dissecting the plot too much (because I’m assuming you know the movie backwards and forwards if you’ve clicked on this), Radetsky and Stiefel’s characters duel it out on and off the dance floor for ABA student Jody Sawyer’s heart (played by former San Francisco Ballet dancer Amanda Schull). Naturally, we were waiting for Schull to end the Charlie v. Cooper debate once and for all.

Instead of choosing a side, Schull left the debate wide open by staying neutral with a pic of herself and Peter Gallagher, who played the company’s fictional director Jonathan Reeves.

James Whiteside For The Win

But whether you’re team Charlie or Cooper, I think we can all agree that ABT principal James Whiteside‘s comment declaring he’s team “Wouldn’t it be better if we all did a triple?” is the real winner here.