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Dr. Linda Hamilton’s Top Audition Tips

Auditions are coming up soon and I want to be mentally prepared to wow directors. Any tips? —Sasha, New York, NY You’re already ahead of the game by considering the mental aspects involved. For starters, be aware that tremors, muscle tension or short, choppy breaths are physical signs that you need to calm your mind. […]

Get Your Hamilton Fix Tonight On PBS

You may have heard of a little musical called Hamilton. The show, which tells the story of one of our nation’s founding fathers through hip hop, has captured the public’s attention in a way we haven’t seen a musical do in recent times, and Andy Blankenbuehler‘s choreography is nothing short of revolutionary. But the tickets […]

Hamilton’s Dance Revolution

The runaway hit is carving out new possibilities for dance on Broadway. Hamilton cast members Jon Rua, Morgan Marcell and Austin Smith. All photos by Jayme Thornton. Picture a group of dancers who can do it all. Place them in an unlikely musical about America’s first treasury secretary, Alexander Hamilton—think city streets pulsing with revolution, […]

Learn a Phrase From Hamilton

Like most mornings, I entered the digital lottery to win tickets to Hamilton today. And like most afternoons, I’ll probably receive an email at 4 p.m. saying, “Try Again.” But this morning brought something even better than Hamilton tickets: A chance to learn some of the show’s choreography. Hamilton ‘s dance mastermind Andy Blankenbuehler broke down two of the show’s iconic phrases for The Wall […]

Hamilton Receives A Record-Setting 16 Tony Nominations

Hamilton has made Tony Awards history. Photo by Joan Marcus, Courtesy Hamilton. The 2016 Tony Award nominees have been announced. And, unsurprisingly, everyone’s favorite musical that they’ve never seen, Hamilton, swept the ballots. In all, the show is up for 13 categories—every single one that involved musical theater, except revivals. And with multiple nominations in some, […]

Don't Miss Hamilton Performing At the GRAMMYs Tonight

Lin-Manuel Miranda and the cast of Hamilton. Photo by Joan Marcus. For the first time in more than five years, Broadway will grace the GRAMMY Awards. Tonight, Lin-Manuel Miranda and the cast of Hamilton will perform during the Los Angeles-based broadcast via satellite from their stage in New York City. The last musical featured at the […]

The Real People of "Hamilton"

Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton, all photos by Joan Marcus, courtesy Hamilton Hamilton, the smash hit musical that just moved from the Public Theater to Broadway, is revolutionary for obvious reasons as well as less obvious ones. It portrays our founding fathers in an array of skin colors and translates their most fervent revolutionary ideas […]

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